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Patient Experience & Online Reviews: Are Yours a Match Made in Heaven or Hell? Pt. 1

Patient Experience & Online Reviews / Rankings: Are Yours a Match Made in Heaven or Hell? PART 1

Do your online reviews and rankings reflect the patient experience you provide?

It’s likely they do.

Experience, reviews, and rankings go hand in hand. While there may be outliers, your reviews and rankings will generally reflect the patient experience you provide, like it or not.

As a healthcare practice or provider, if you provide a great patient experience, your online reviews will reflect that experience and your rankings will be high. Conversely, if you provide anything but an excellent patient experience, it will show in your reviews and your rankings will be mediocre at best and poor at worst.

Patients expect to be treated well and be cared by their doctor and their doctor’s practice. If they feel that exceptional care, they will rave about you both online and off. If they are disappointed, let down, frustrated, or hurt, they will share that as well.

If you are getting those positive reviews and rankings, naturally you will feel good about it. On the other hand, if you’re getting those negative reviews and rankings, naturally you will have a different reaction. Perhaps you will be dismissive, frustrated, or angry. Perhaps you will ignore them. We hope you will choose otherwise.

Negative reviews and rankings are an opportunity to examine your patient experience in totality. There are many aspects of a patient experience, which we will examine in the next blog post in this series. For this discussion now, let us acknowledge that patient experience is more than the treatment a patient receives and the outcomes that are achieved.

As a practice or provider, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a patient’s healthcare experience is purely about treatment and outcomes. You are busy. Your days are hectic, demanding, and long. You bounce from one patient to the next with hardly time for a moment in between. You are working as fast as you possibly can through your schedule to keep your patients in the waiting room from getting upset. Even if you provide the best medical care possible, it can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to a patient’s overall experience, particularly if you and your staff are not doing the little things to provide great customer service and create happy patients.

If you are getting mediocre or poor reviews and rankings, take the opportunity to stop for a few minutes, evaluate and examine your current patient experience with eyes wide open, and think about whether the patient is right. Did everyone in the office greet the patient warmly or was the receptionist or medical assistant short when the patient checked in? Were all of the patient’s questions and concerns addressed? Did the patient get the proper education, instructions, and next steps before leaving the office? While you may not notice some of these finer points of a patient’s experience, the patient will know if they are missing.

So if your reviews and rankings are making you feel like you are in hell, it is time to turn that around and create a match made in heaven for both you and your patients.

Stay tuned for our following two blog posts in this series to learn how to turn your patient experience around and get the positive reviews and rankings you deserve.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please share them in the comments below.

About the Author:

Ashley Libby Diaz, a brand and marketing strategist and patient experience expert, helps physicians start and grow thriving medical practices by getting their ideal patients walking through the door time and again.

Ashley has a deep relationship with healthcare, a profound appreciation for providers, a unique perspective on medicine, and a keen eye for outstanding patient experiences. She is the principal and founder of The Anca Group, a boutique medical consulting firm, with more than 18 years of healthcare provider and marketing experience and her own personal medical trials. Ashley practiced physical therapy in her early career and became a breast cancer survivor at the age of 36. Learn more about and reach Ashley and The Anca Group at

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